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Take part in unprecedented adventures and experience the Miraculous universe like never before!

Take part in unprecedented adventures and experience the Miraculous universe like never before!

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A Digital Experience for Fans Everywhere

  • Paperless offer for global accessibility to the Miraculous Penpal exclusive adventures
  • A collectible series of letters written exclusively to you from your favorite Miraculous heroes. No two letters alike!
  • Goodies & Collectibles including a personalized Miraculous diploma with your name on it, a big poster, stickers, exclusive content & illustrations, and much more!


with our code WOW60

Interactive story
An unprecedented personalized adventure through 3 letters from your favorite characters
An incredible Super-Advisor diploma awarded by Ladybug and Cat Noir
A map of Paris to complete during your adventure
An original set of collectible images to complete your poster
Activity diary
An activity diary to challenge your superhero skills
Available worldwide. No country will be left out of this digital Miraculous Penpals adventure!
All you need is an email. Leave the rest to us!
A personalized digital adventure

A never before seen Ladybug and Cat Noir collaborative adventure, personalized for each individual subscriber!

Officialized by Zag

The only game tested and approved by Jeremy Zag, creator of Miraculous!

Finally available in the WORLD

Already popular in the USA… finally available for fans and players EVERYWHERE!

An Exclusive, Never Before Published Adventure

  • An edge of your seat adventure in which your choices have an impact on what happens next!
  • Behind the scenes, a ZAG author who uses your input to create and deliver the story you’ve become an essential part of! 
  • A unique adventure in which Cat Noir and Ladybug actually need your help… and in which you are their perfect helper! 

Approved by the community

  • Already popular in the United States.
  • The only game tested and approved by Jeremy Zag, creator of Miraculous!
  • Tested and vouched for by Miraculous influencers & experts such as Lindalee, Cristina Vox, Ezra Weisz and so on. 

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The complete 6-Email adventure
delivered to you digitally anywhere!

$ 16 with the code WOW60
  • A series of 6 fun-filled episodes in your email inbox
  • A personalized story that evolves according to your choices
  • A total of 24 personalized letters from Miraculous characters
  • A special answer page to indicate your choices to pursue the story​
  • A ZAG author who personalizes the responses to your letters
  • A poster and its original set of collectible stickers
  • A personalized diploma in your name​
  • 12 pages of games and activities​

How does it work ?


Once registered, tell us a bit about yourself and tell us more about yourself in your online account!!


Receive the first part of the adventure in your inbox… 


… and use your online account to send your input, your questions, and your answers to Ladybug and Cat Noir!


Discover how your input impacts every subsequent chapter of your very own personalized adventure!

Receive the next chapter of the story within 48h. This adventure takes place in 6 chapters, all included.

Fans love it!


The digital offer gives you access to the story “Miraculous” in its digital version. The correspondence will take place online. Your letters will be sent by emai directly in your inbox. You’ll then be able to print out the answer sheet, complete it, scan it and upload it on your online account. You can also fill in the form directly on your account.

To answer us, all you have to do is complete the answer sheet with the information of your choice. You can then upload it on your online account. You can also answer the questions directly online by filling in the form on your account.

The digital offer includes 6 letters that make up the Miraculous adventure.

Miraculous Penpals is available worldwide. If you live in the US, you can either subscribe to our postal offer and receive your letters in your mailbox or to our digital offer and receive your letters in PDF format directly in your inbox. If you live outside of the US, you can subscribe to our digital offer to receive your adventure, including letters and printable collectibles, by email.